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Lunatus has entered into an exclusive reseller agreement with NantHealth, a leading next-generation, evidence-based, personalized healthcare company, for GPS Cancer Advanced Molecular Analysis. The molecular tests will help guide the decisions made by oncologists located in the Middle East regarding a patient’s treatment strategy, including choice of standard chemotherapy.

  • Oncologists in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and Lebanon will be empowered to make more informed clinical decisions to personalize treatment and care for their patients
  • Partnership builds on international expansion of GPS Cancer which was recently made available in Italy

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Migraine Medical Device, Cefaly, Shows Better Long-Term Patient Compliance than Migraine medication

Nerve stimulation headband is a preferred treatment for migraine prevention among its prescribed patients

CEFALY Technology, the creators of the first FDA-approved trigeminal nerve stimulation device specifically authorized to prevent migraine attacks, releases data about the compliance of the device by patients suffering from migraine and compares it with the compliance of preventive migraine medication.

CEFALY Technology collected data on 14,745 migraine patients who acquired the device between March 2014 and October 2015, a period of 19 months. Knowing that the device is used with an electrode that has to be replaced every month, the company was able to assess the compliance of the treatment based on the recurrent orders of electrodes. If all patients where using the device daily, in accordance to their doctor’s recommendation, the compliance would be 100%, but the actual electrode consumption reveals that the compliance is 72.4%, which is twice the compliance rate usually reported for oral preventive migraine medication.

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Just another proof of how Lunatus is continuously growing successfully…

BioQ Pharma and Lunatus Execute Agreement to Commercialize Two Infusion Pharmaceuticals in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait.

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Cefaly the revolutionary device is now available in the UAE.

Cefaly is the perfect solution for more than half of migraine sufferers. It significantly reduces the use of medicines,  and the improves the patients quality of life to be markedly improved. Several published clinical studies have demonstrated its excellent effectiveness and its complete safety.

Cefaly bears the CE Medical mark, is certified to the ISO Medical standard and approved by the FDA.

Cefaly is positioned on the forehead using an adhesive electrode. Precise impulses are produced, which act on the trigeminal nerve in order to reduce pain and prevent migraine attacks.

Migraine relief device

Cefaly is an innovative, lightweight and extremely cost effective pain relieving solution. It uses a self adhesive electrode which is placed directly on to the forehead, worn conveniently like a pair of eyeglasses and it connects to the electrode whilst processing its subtle treatment. For a detailed step by step guide on how it works watch this video below:


For more detailed information on the device please drop us a mail at

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The simplest formula for natural beauty. 

MonoDerma is Pure, Topical Vitamins for your Skin. Clinically Proven to Help Melasma, Sun Exposure and Dull, Tired Skin

  •  These pure vitamins are the most active and effective form of topical skin cream.
  • Pure vitamins are only stable in small volumes protected from light and air.
  • The patented MonoDermoDose package delivers pure, active vitamins for the best results is the innovative container in biodegradable jelly, which offers significant advantages over tubes, jars and dispensers…

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Recommended by health care professionals and mothers, the Saforelle range has grown over the years to meet the needs of women and their children.

Saforelle Dubai has launched its range of products for both mother and baby..

The completer intimate hygiene products range…




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The fun candy loved by all young and old. “A Lollipop” is now better than a regular sugar stick!

Lolli-Vit has it, Pure vitamins A,C & E combined in a mixed fruity lollipop that is known to be ” a delicious way to have your vitamins for the whole family..”


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Pantogar has proven effective results in patients of 39 countries in the world making it the leader in the treatment of diffuse hair loss. It has a highly efficacious profile of active substances scientifically proven to increase the metabolic activity of the hair root enhancing its growth and reviving its nature quality.

Healthcare professionals across the globe recommend Pantogar as the first line treatment to stop hair loss. Lunatus is committed to provide a better health for its patients and had introduced Pantogar into the UAE in March 2014.  Pantogar has a unique combination of vitamin B complex, yeasts, para-amino benzoic acid, cysteine and the indispensable structural hair protein; KERATIN. One Pantogar pill is taken orally three times a day to ensure maximum efficacy in a course of treatment that spans for 12 weeks.

Get a grip on your hair loss with Pantogar!


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Well-Ness: the super concentrated shortcut to a better quality of life

Well-Ness is a super concentrated all-natural liquid anti-oxidant. In January 2014, Lunatus has launched 4 Well-Ness products in the UAE: SKIN support, MEMORY support, ANTI-AGING (Resveratrol) support and HerbaGreen Tea. The range is completely sugar free, calorie free and caffeine free and the dose can be added to any drink or certain foods (such as yoghurt).

The concentration of ingredients in Well-Ness instantly differentiates it from other anti-oxidants: for example, the dose of resveratrol in ONE dose of Well-Ness anti-aging support is equivalent to the resveratrol content in 8,000 grapes.

The dose of green tea anti-oxidants in ONE dose of Well-Ness HerbaGreen Tea is equivalent to that of 15 cups of normal green tea.

Well-Ness is now available in major pharmacy & health food chains in the UAE.

Well-Ness range

Well-Ness range


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Lunatus introduces the unique bad breath management concept to UAE

70% of the worldwide population suffers from halitosis – bad breath caused by the release of sulphur gases from bacteria thriving in the mouth. In January 2014, Lunatus has launched LOLZ to offer a convenient & effective treatment for bad breath. LOLZ lollypops have a unique triple action to defeat odor producing bacteria at the source:

1) Zinc microcapsules release from the lollies, binding to the surface protein of bacteria and preventing the production of sulphur gas.
2) An abrasive surface which removes bacteria & plaque from the tongue.
3) Peppermint flavoring to add a final after taste.

Each LOLZ lolly offers a minimum of at least 4 hours of fresh breath and is ideal for use on-the-go.

Fresh Breath lollipops