Viru-Merz Serol gel 2g – treatment of the initial symptoms or herpes


Application form:ointments, creams, gels, pastes

Indication group:dermatologics virostatics


Active substance:Tromantadini hydrochloridum 10 mg v 1 g


Viru-Merz gel contains the compound tromantadin, which prevents virus propagation and growth. It deprives viruses which cause herpes zoster and herpes simplex of their effect. The gel mass of the preparation is characterized by good adhesion, and thus it increases the drug effect and the length of effect time. With using Viru-Merz gel, the symptoms of herpes zoster and herpes simplex recede, e.g. recession of strident pain and painful skin tension. They prevent blister production or their further formation, and it decreases the risk of their rupture, and thus it prevents scar formation. It decreases probability of herpes recurrence, and it moderates the disease course and its duration.