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Intelligender is a quick and easy home-use urine test that can be performed as early as 6 weeks following the first day of your missed period. The test uses first morning urine and a proprietary mix of chemicals which reacts with a combination of hormones to indicate the gender of your baby.


Intelligender was founded by two working mothers in November of 2006 in USA. It is now manufactured in FDA and GMP registered facilities and has over 500,000 satisfied customers in more than 12 countries.

Why to Use Intelligender:

  • A simple –to-use urine analysis similar to the pregnancy test
  • Can be performed as early as 6 weeks following the first day of your missed period
  • Predicts the gender of your baby as early as 10 weeks
  • Delivers clear results in 8 Minutes
  • Easy to use at the comfort and privacy of your home

How to Use Intelligender:

  • Collect your first morning’s urine in the cup provided (Use ONLY first morning urine).
  • Remove the sticky tab from the top of the test jar and set aside.
  • Using the syringe provided, pull 20 ml’s of urine into the syringe and gently insert the urine into the exposed hole on the top of the test jar.
  • Replace the sticky tab and swirl rapidly for 10seconds in a circular motion. DO NOT SHAKE.
  • Place the test on a flat, white surface. Do not disturb the test for the next 10 minutes.
  • Without picking up or disturbing the test jar, read your test at eye level at the 10 minute mark and match the color to the boy or girl color chart on the test jar. At 10 minutes, the test is over. Further color change is irrelevant.

Intelligender is available in leading pharmacies within the Middle East.

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